LESLIE GRACE premieres her new single and video “COMO LA PRIMERA VEZ” with BOZA

LESLIE GRACE premieres her new single and video “COMO LA PRIMERA VEZ” with BOZA

Acclaimed Dominican singer, songwriter and actress, Leslie Grace releases her single “Como La Primera Vez”, her first collaboration with multi-platinum Panamanian artist Boza.

Brimming with longing and passion, “Como La Primera Vez” is an unforgettable pop ballad featuring two of the most sought-after stars in Latin music. This song, produced by Andrés Castro and Faster, is about two lovers who reflect on the past, wanting nothing more than to hug and kiss again like the first time.

Como La Primera Vez” brings Leslie and Boza together in a melancholic melody about longing for the affection of a lost lover. With music and lyrics by Leslie Grace, Boza, Reggi El Auténtico, Andrés Castro and Faster, this song is the result of a team of musicians at the peak of their career. Leslie Grace’s angelic voice together with Boza’s sensual tone creates an unparalleled melody.

Directed by Mike Ho and produced by Raúl Celaya, the music video has the narrative structure of a short film. The set of the video takes place in a diner-type restaurant and in it we can see Leslie Grace’s character suffering from amnesia, while Boza’s character is filled with memories of their five-year relationship. The tragic and moving music video shows Boza suffering as he patiently waits for Leslie’s memory to return.

She keeps journals of her memories as a means of awakening her memory. Desperation mounts as Leslie struggles to regain her memory, delivering a remarkable performance filled with anguish and longing.

After starring in the hit musical “In The Heights,” Leslie Grace has become a bona fide movie star. She is currently in production on DC Comics’ “Batgirl” as the titular character for Warner Bros and HBO Max. With new music and upcoming movies on the horizon, Leslie Grace is proving that she’s in her prime.