Emilia, a touch of Argentine reggaeton

Emilia, a touch of Argentine reggaeton

The unusual force of urban music is felt all over the globe and now it also has high-level exponents in distant countries like Argentina, where there is a real scene. Singers like María Becerra, Tini, and Paulo Londra, among others, have come from there. Emilia also emerges from the select group, who recently visited Miami to present her first album, “Tú crees en mí?”.

What has been happening with the album is crazy, people have liked it and that makes me happy,” said the 25-year-old, who in addition to singing, writes songs, acts and is also a model. Emilia spoke with el Nuevo Herald in a charming club in Miami, near the Wynwood neighborhood. She dressed in a glamorous red leather outfit, and in a delicate manner, she touched on various topics. “I lived here in 2018,” she recalls, about this city, from where the threads of Latin music still move.

Do you believe in me?” It was released on digital platforms in mid-May and contains eight songs, of which the best known so far is “Intoxicao”, where Emilia makes a duet with another Argentine reggaeton artist, Nicki Nicole. In her debut album, the artist has duets with two other compatriots: Tiago PZK and Duki. “It was exciting to be able to experiment for the record with my team of collaborators, and I am very proud of what we have achieved,” she says. About her musical style, she explains: “I live listening to reggaeton, but I feel comfortable in any genre; one day I’ll sing you a pop or a ballad, or a reggaeton because I’m passionate about music in general, ”she says.

Emilia, whose last name is Mernes, became famous at the age of 20, in 2016, as part of a cumbia pop group, Rombai. Two years later she went solo. The videos of her songs add up to more than 300 million views on YouTube and she has five million followers on Instagram. She has risen to the international elite with collaborations with Camilo and Sebastián Yatra, and at the Lo Nuestro Awards she was nominated for “Singer of the Year”. “People are connecting with Argentines because we make music with our particular way of expressing ourselves, with freshness and personality.” She shows a smile when she is asked what she feels when listening to her music. “My first sensation is enjoyment, but I am a detail-oriented person and I immediately begin to find things that could be improved,” she replies.

Her charisma and physical attractiveness have led Emilia to acting and she has participated in the Disney + series “Intertwined”. In addition, she worked on the program “La voz” on the Telefé channel in Buenos Aires. And she represents several companies linked to the world of clothing. “My work involves a constant link between image and music,” she says.

She then tells her some beauty secrets. “I always use glitter on my eyes; I really like makeup in general; As for the wardrobe, I use all colors, although black is my favorite; I take good care of my skin and hair”, she lists. “Looking good helps me feel confident,” she says. She laughs when it is pointed out to her that artists do not always live in the relaxation that video clips show. “Of course not; I wish I could go to the beach to sunbathe now,” she nods, humorously. For her fans from Miami, she says goodbye wishing to do a concert here “soon”. And she concludes with “it is an honor to make music for all of them”.