Paola Jara brings joy with her new powerful single!

Paola Jara brings joy with her new powerful single!

The popular music singer Paola Jara premiered this Friday, May 3, her most recent single under the name “Where were you?” with which he seeks to remove the fibers of the soul because he materializes in words that wait that lovers experience and all that pain that is felt when the person you love disappears, when he leaves you waiting, when your heart and your skin want to touch him, but he does not reach.

The release of “Where were you?” It is the first after her wedding with the singer Jessi Uribe and she does so by unpacking her honeymoon suitcases and packing those that she will take to her next tour “La Conquista” in the United States, thus confirming that Paola Jara is not only charismatic, disciplined and professional, but after these two years of virtuality and distances it is closer than ever.

I believe that we have all loved beautifully and we do not receive the same thing, that’s why his lyrics moved me and I decided to do it, and I know that they will surely identify themselves,” said the singer.

Where were you?” was musically produced by Yohan Usuga and its audiovisual production was in charge of Edwin Jaimes. The video was shot near Bucaramanga and according to the artist the concept was simple but real.

I’m usually very careful about what I want to show in the videos, but with “Where were you?” I practically didn’t have to think much, rather it was to recreate what the lyrics say and connect it with the feelings so that the images came on their own. , That is if we all put a grain of sand, or maybe I don’t know more about a little memory, “said the artist.

The singer Jessi Uribe decided to dedicate a tender message to her wife to show her how proud he is of her and remind her how much he loves her.

Through his official Instagram account, where he accumulates almost six million followers, the interpreter of “Sweet sin” published a photograph in which both artists are seen on stage and a short segment of this new song, along with a tender message for Paola Jara.

Today I toast to my girl, because tonight she releases an incredible song, when she recorded it, she cried like a girl, I hope you perceive that beautiful feeling that was captured for you, of those special songs that make me drink more than normal, that sung you you hit love @paolajarapj one of my favorites #where were you tonight”, wrote Jessi Uribe.