Sebastián Yatra’s new single is pet friendly for pups!

Sebastián Yatra’s new single is pet friendly for pups!

Sebastián Yatra continues to make progress on his album Dharma and on May 9 he is going to release a new song that will be part of the album with which he is touring many places in Spain. This album is very Yatra style with catchy, danceable songs and the most incredible collaborations.

For the Colombian, this album is one of the most important of his career and the truth is that he is doing quite well. Red Heels has become a complete success and his second collaboration with Aitana is following the same path. However, we will have to see what Yatra surprises us next Thursday. At the moment we can listen to a part of the song and be guided by a track that he has left on his networks.

«My new single comes out on June 9 but first I want to meet his puppies soon they will understand why“, he commented on his Instagram. As always, the fans do not disappoint and he has uploaded videos of him dancing with his pets to the Colombian’s music in the background. Sebastián Yatra has shared them on his profile and responded to his fans with messages like “I love them” or “what characters are those puppies.”

As we have said before, Sebastián Yatra launches an album full of collaborations with Dharma, which allows him to experiment with different artistic styles and give his music greater originality.

That’s how he did it with Aitana, with whom he added rock rhythms to his song Las Dudas. Another of the great successes of his collaborations has been Couple Of The Year, together with Myke Towers, which did not stop playing last summer.

The truth is that the album has many songs, which has allowed the artist to count on the collaboration of a number of musicians.