Bad Bunny estrena video de “Titi Me Preguntó”

Bad Bunny estrena video de “Titi Me Preguntó”

After releasing Un Verano Sin Ti, his fourth studio album and fifth in his career, on May 6, Bad Bunny published the video for Titi Me Preguntó on June 1, a very energetic dembow that boasts in its lyrics the conquests and the women who follow him.

The video -which already has more than 6 million views on YouTube- begins with social criticism where an aunt asks her little nephew how many girlfriends he has at school, but his cousin interrupts him and tells “Titi” that she has three boyfriends at school, to which the woman replies, “What is he like? She looks at ve’ hum, I’ll give you a flip flop”.

This micro refers to the Latin macho customs that encourage men to have multiple relationships at the same time, but that women should be monogamous.

The video takes place in the suburbs of New York and the singer visits different places where Hispanics often work, such as barbershops and grocery stores. He then has a meeting with Latinos on a street while they sing and chant: “For a VIP, a VIP, hey. Say hello to Titi. We’re going to take a selfie. Say “Cheese”, hey. Let the ones I already put in them smile.”

In the middle of the video, the beat drops and a horror movie synthesizer becomes the protagonist, while Bad Bunny reflects on his relationships with women and sings “pay attention to your friend, she’s right, don’t fall in love with me, sorry, I’m So“.

Later the artist is kidnapped and mounted in a van. In the car, some hooded men undress him and put on a white shirt, a vest, a long skirt, a black bow, and lower him into a wedding ceremony with guests in which he is the groom and the bride descends from heaven with a white cape and divine lights.

Almost a month after its premiere, Un Verano Sin Ti is listed as the most played album in Spanish in one day through Spotify and the tour El Último Tour del Mundo, which ended three months ago, is the second highest grossing in the world, only surpassed by Music of the Spheres World Tour, the ecological tour of the British band Coldplay.