“Después de Tanto”, the new single by Andy Rivera

“Después de Tanto”, the new single by Andy Rivera

Después de Tanto” is the single that opens his most recent studio work, “Dual”, an EP that presents a different facet of Andy Rivera and in which he collaborates with various artists such as Ñejo and Ryan Castro, among others.

In addition, in this record he explores new sounds and messages like the one in this song, whose video was recorded in different locations in Madrid, Barcelona and Pamplona, ​​among others. Under the direction of Lexx, who has already shaped Andy Rivera’s career in different audiovisual proposals, here he exhibits history in black and white.

Even though Andy is a celebrity, he spends a lot of time alone. He enjoys being with his audience and also enjoys the moments alone. It is the duality of him as an artist to understand and handle the two environments”, says the director.

About the album, the concept developed around this release shows the two facets of Andy Rivera. On the one hand, “Dual” represents two worlds and personalities such as “El Amante”; and on the other hand, a facet of “Hero”.

El Amante” is his most passionate, creative and seductive edge; loaded with red, with dances and explicit scenes, and in counterweight is his facet of “Hero“, which is the result of his work in the music industry, his dreams and his desires.

For Andy Rivera, the launch of this new studio work is an important step in the rise of his career in the last year. After signing with Sony Music, the artist has not stopped composing and touring Latin America, North America and Europe.

This is a very special job for me and for the team, there were genres that we explored and it took us a lot of effort and time. It is a project to which we have a lot of faith and that is paving the way for the release of the album”, concludes Andy Rivera.