Thalía announced a new project

Thalía announced a new project

The Mexican singer Thalía announced a new project through her social networks.

After being absent in music, she seems to be back. It is a new record material, expected by her fans, who were excited by the news.

The interpreter of Arrasando surprised her millions of followers by writing on her Instagram: “Honey, I’m in my happy place, recording for you, something so shocking because I was crying right now, I’ve been crying in the studio” .

Likewise, Thalía, who confessed that she cried in the study with happiness, added: “Well, after the study, a whole day of study, after a wonderful dinner, I come to the gym.”

Although the Mexican star did not give more details about the project, if it is a single or an album, the expectations grow because the singer has been characterized by surprising with her music.

The 50-year-old actress also released her album ‘DesAmorfosis‘ in 2021, whose name is a play on words between “heartbreak” and “metamorphosis“.

In this version there are songs like Mojitos, You’re mine, expensive bag, I haven’t seen you, pupilo and Tac TIC, a song that she performed in collaboration with Farina and Sofía Reyes.

Subsequently, Tommy Mottola‘s wife announced her withdrawal from social networks at the end of 2021.

“I’m in a scream because I have lower back pain that doesn’t leave me (in peace), I can’t walk, I can’t sit down, I can’t lie down,” Thalía wrote at the time.

The soap opera actress, she confessed that she suffered from severe back pain and that she did not have the energy to upload stories and publications on her social networks.

Although she never disconnected because she gave accounts of her day-to-day life on the networks, the most recent thing that was known from her sister is that she suffered from a crisis due to Lyme disease, which she has suffered for more than 10 years.