Gusi launches the new single “Te Robé”, together with Nacho

Gusi launches the new single “Te Robé”, together with Nacho

“Te robé” is the new single by Gusi, who arrives accompanied by NachoLa Criatura” as a release on all digital platforms. The theme already registers more than two million views on YouTube.

“Te Robaré” is a declaration of love, perfect to dedicate, but also to dance. With a touch of sensuality, and romantic and daring lyrics, Gusi and Nacho sing to that love that everyone wants to have by their side and, therefore, to what they are willing to do to achieve it.

Musically, the song reflects the sound that has always characterized Gusi, with percussive instruments, which merge with an afrobeat very much in his style, obtaining the ideal balance between rhythm, romanticism, lyrics that sound like poetry and unparalleled talent. by Nacho, who brings dynamism and urban air to the song.

In the composition and production process, the renowned Julián Turizo, Miguel Díaz and David Julca participated, with whom Gusi entered the studio to create the lyrics and melody. Regarding the interpretation, Gusi looked for an ally without equal, an unmistakable voice in the Latin music industry, that of the Venezuelan Nacho.

For Gusi, “Nacho is a person with a lot of talent, a very quick mind and likewise he sent me ideas of what he was thinking, of how he was wanting the song to also take on part of his identity, and well we were fascinated and delighted to have it here.”

The video clip of “Te robé” has a fresh audiovisual proposal, in which the dance is the protagonist, while the two singers masterfully interpret the lyrics. Produced by Turbo and directed by Zaraté, Sergio de Ávila and Jerome Lehoucq, the video was made in an old house in the center of Bogotá, which contrasts with the casual clothing of the artists and the young people who participate in each scene. .

As an anecdote, in the recording of the video, Nacho used plain boots with almost all of his looks, which he bought near the location. When he arrived at the place, the car that was transporting him left him two blocks away, he got out and saw a woman selling shoes, he immediately took off his tennis shoes and fitted on some boots that reminded him of the land of his maternal family, he bought two pairs and He arrived saying that he should go out with his boots on.

Colombian singer-songwriter. His love for vallenato music was born from an early age, when his grandfather Carlos Arturo Acosta, a native of Villanueva, Guajira, transmitted the vallenato feeling to him, making the songs of the greatest minstrels sound.

The guitar with which Gusi learned to play, and which still plays in the house, was the same one that his father had given to his mother when they were dating. Gusi adopted as stage name the nickname given to him by his mother. Although he doesn’t remember what the reason for it is, he does remember being called by his first name when, as a child, he was scolded.

In his artistic career he has had the opportunity to record independently and to belong to different groups, beginning his career more professionally with La Cósmica Charanga, a group from the Javeriana University, as a vocalist and percussionist; in Zona de Tambora (founded by Ernesto “El Teto” Ocampo, Guillermo Vives and Gilbert Martínez) as vocalist and percussionist; in La Banda de El Sitio de Santiago Cruz as a singer; with Fanny Lu as guitarist and backing vocalist, and as a member of the duo Gusi & Beto, with whom he made his leap to popularity.

Today, Gusi alternates his career as a singer-songwriter with that of a composer for other artists, and he also belongs to the record label of Latin music superstar Carlos VivesGaira Música Local”.